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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to all people, or are only BYU students allowed?

We are open to everyone, BYU affiliated or not!

Can we make a reservation?

Yes, you can. Reservations must be made at LEAST 24 hours in advance. You must be reserving at least 3 lanes in order to make a reservation. Shoes are included in all reservations. Check out our Reservation page for all the details and pricing.

How can I make a reservation?

Email us at and our reservation manager will contact you!

Can we bring in outside food and drink?

Yes! However, we do not offer any paper goods or utensils.

Do you sell food?

We have a Snack bar with an assortment of sodas and snacks!

Do kids bowl for free?

Kids do not bowl for free. We have a kids rate for games and shoe rental. If a kid wants to play, they must be paid for. We are limited on kids shoe sizes (smallest is a toddler 10) so if your child wears smaller than this size then we will not charge you for their shoe rental.

Do we have to rent bowling shoes or can we wear our normal shoes?

You have to rent bowling shoes. We do not allow anyone to bowl in street shoes unless we do not carry your shoe size. You are also welcome to bring in your own bowling shoes.

Do you sell used or new bowling balls and/or shoes?

We sell used bowling balls and bowling shoes. We restock our shoes and balls every summer so that is the best time to come in and ask for them.

Do you have private bowling classes or bowling leagues?

We do not offer private lessons, and bowling leagues will be starting in January 2023.

Can anyone check out the pool and/or ping pong equipment?

We only check out the equipment valid to BYU ID holders (staff, students, faculty, affiliates, etc.).

Can we reserve the pool tables and/or ping pong equipment?

We cannot reserve the pool and/or ping pong tables or equipment.

Do you have an arcade with games?

We do have an arcade that takes quarters.

Do you do cashback or can I get cash from my card?

No. we do not have an ATM, nor can we do card to cash transactions.

Do you accept Venmo or other cash apps?

No. we do not accept Venmo or cash apps.

Can we pay an employee with Venmo or a cash up and they pay for bowling?

Our employees are not allowed to accept any payments personal payments for bowling and pay for the customers game.

Can we pay after we play?

No. You pay then play. If you want to add more games to your game, you can add more before the last frame.